Keep a Low Profile with your TIG Welding Torch

Low Profile Upgrade for you TIG welding torchIt’s not just what’s inside your TIG torch that matters (check out our article, “What’s inside your TIG Torch”), it’s what’s on the outside that counts too–sometimes you want to keep a low profile so you can sneak into a tight spot with all the power your favorite TIG welding torch can deliver.

The Stubby Parts Kits will turn your bulky 3 Series TIG torch, your 17, 26, CS300 series air-cooled torch, or your 18 and CS410 water-cooled TIG Torch into an easy-to-handle powerhouse.

When your TIG torch is fitted with our low-profile parts, welding in tight spots will be a breeze. Plus you’ll experience all the benefits of using a gas lens collet body: efficient shield gas coverage and improved weld quality.

The Full Power of Your TIG Torch at Half the Length

With the Stubby Kit, you can reduce the total parts length of your torch by half. Designed to fit 17 and 26 Series Air-Cooled torches and the 18 Series Water-Cooled torches, including Lincoln PTA-17, PTA-18 and PTA-26, Miller Diamondback DB17, DB18, and DB 26, Weldcraft LS-17, WP-17, WP-18, and WP-26 torches, as well as all popular import torches.

Low Profile Front End Parts for your TIG Welding Torch

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Welding Fix Of The Day: Master TIG 200 from CK Worldwide

Fired up the New MasterTIG 200 AC/DC TIG machine from CK Worldwide! Mario from TSR Fabrication was workin his coupon game with some ally & staino! This was the first run right out of the box with no fine tuning of the machine settings, or torch accessories. Look for the video dropping soon over at If you are in the market for a new TIG welder, keep this in mind– it’s a big step up from the mass of super-cheap machines & a lot easier on your wallet than a Miller Dynasty. Best of all it’s backed by @arc_zone & @ckworldwide we’ve been driving this industry for more than 35 years… Day-in & Day-out — why take a chance on dealing with folks that are only in it for the money… #tigtuesday #welding #welder #tigwelding #tig #mastertig #arczone #weldlikeapro #ckworldwide #weldingmachine #qualitytools via Instagram

Welding Fix Of The Day: Micro TIG Torch

Micro TIG Torch

Let’s get small… You know that time when you wished you had a “micro” TIG torch for the roll cage headliner tie-in, that cylinder head repair, those hard to reach merge collectors & the list goes on!

Here’s the solution. Choose from the Weldcraft/Miller W125 (formerly MT125) 125 amp water-cooled micro TIG torch 3.5″ & 5″ body length, or the CK MR-70, air-cooled 70 amp, or MR-140, water-cooled 140 amp micro TIG torch. Each torch is available with 45, 90 & 180 degree front end parts. Note: the CK product is complete with front end parts, making it less expensive to get started, plus the replacement parts are less expensive making the cost of ownership friendlier for your wallet check them out over at We stock everything you need to get small… & we service what we sell.

Good Welding!

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How to Maintain your Sharpie Tungsten Electrode Grinder

About the Sharpie Tungsten Electrode Grinder

One of our most popular tools for sharpening tungsten electrodes is the hand-held Sharpie Tungsten Electrode Grinder.  It’s an affordable option for preparing your tungsten electrode with a precise taper with longitudinal grinds.  A properly prepared electrode will deliver consistent welds, deeper penetration, and less re-work.  The Sharpie also allows you to add a tip flat and cut your tungsten.  This grinder is a great tool for in the welding shop or out in the field, and there are two models to choose from:  the original Sharpie SD with its fixed grind angle, or the adjustable Sharpie DX.  The latest addition to the Sharpie line are the cordless versions of the Sharpie tungsten grinder which offer even greater mobility.  Properly maintaining your Sharpie will ensure its functionality and improve its longevity.

Maintaining your Sharpie Tungsten Electrode Grinder

To maintain your Sharpie and keep it running smooth and quiet, you will need to keep the head area free from tungsten grinding dust.  We recommend blowing the dust out of the machine frequently, specifically the area below the diamond wheel.  Over time, the dust can build up in that area and begin to permeate the sealed bearing that supports the wheel mandrell.  Based on how much you use the machine, you may need to replace the bearing located inside the lower housing on occasion.  In fact, you’ll know it’s time to replace the bearing when the motor gets loud and/or begins to vibrate.  This is a relatively easy procedure* that will extend the life of your Sharpie.

Watch the video for some tips on How To replace the bearing.  

*Note: the video shows a lower housing with a bearing that has been run until it disintegrated and was is in several pieces.  If your bearing is in one-piece you can simply remove and replace it– if it’s in pieces, it becomes more challenging to remove as the outer race of the bearing may be locked into the lower housing.  We hope the video helps

Other Maintenance Tips for your Sharpie Tungsten Grinder

Replacing the Diamond Grinding Wheel

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Welding Fix Of The Day: TIG Welding Water Hoses

TIG Welding Water Hose

My trusty Miller 180SD TIG machine started leaking coolant out of the torch hose to the water-cooler. Anyone else have a TIG welding water hose suddenly start leaking when not in use for a while?

This machine does not see much service & the leak was not caused by overheating or lack of coolant flow. This is a good example of doing periodic maintenance to insure your rig is ready to rock when you need it!

The torch is equipped with “SuperFlex” TIG welding hoses, but they don’t last forever & should be inspected every few weeks to check for any sings of moisture in the braiding material that covers the rubber tubing.

If you feel dampness, replace the hoses promptly! #tigwelding #tig #welding #welder #millerwelders #weldlikeapro #arczone #maintenance via Instagram

Is Your TIG Welding Torch Subpar?

Practical Welding Today coverA quality weld starts with a quality TIG Welding Torch, which means quality materials manufactured by reputable companies who value craftsmanship.

In our latest article, “What’s inside your GTAW torch?:  What you don’t know about torch components could hurt your weld”  for Practical Welding Today‘s March/April 2016 issue, we give you the run-down on what to look for in a quality torch, and what to look for in your torch before you lay your first bead.

And check out the cover of Practical Welding Today!  That’s  Nick Mishler from Mishler Made Fabrication in Michigan–one of the AZ Pro Partners!

Here’s some highlights from the article:

“Even if you have a top-quality GTAW torch, you’ll want to make sure you do a preweld check before embarking on any high-purity welding.”

TIG Welding Torch Cutaway View

This TIG torch is from a sales kit that Arc-Zone’s Jim Watson used to carry around back when he worked for Weldcraft

Check Your TIG Welding Torch

Regular inspection of your TIG torch will ensure a quality weld and minimize the opportunity for atmosphere contamination, inconsistent gas flow, gas and water leaks,  This is especially important in high-purity welding applications.

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