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Arc-Zone Product Spotlight

We’re introducing the 3M line of Personal Protection Equipment for welding safety products and we’re offering a deal (for March 2015)

3M™ Rugged Comfort Half Facepiece 6500 Series

Happy Monday! All of us here @arc_zone are very proud to announce that we are now carrying @3mspeedglas products! To kick things off, we’re running a MARCH ONLY promo on the 6500 Quick Latch Half Mask #Respirator with replacement filters! When you buy this mask anywhere else, it does NOT come with filters. We’re giving you a set with each order so you’re ready to get started as soon as you get your package. Don’t sacrifice safety folks, this is your lungs we’re talking about. Check out promo link on profile page or call our wonderful Customer Care Team at 1-800-944-2243 or 760-931-1500. Thanks folks and as always #weldlikeapro!

Most Commented Post AND Most Liked Post

This past month our post about the Razor blade challenge was not only our most commented post and our most liked post, but so far is the most commented and most liked OF ALL TIME (well at least for as long as we’ve been on Instagram!)

10963998_1572064729699991_1289946460_nHave any of you tried the #razorbladechallenge? @crummy_welding did and by the looks of it, we’d say he mastered it. You also can’t help but appreciate the #MadeInUSA blades The little things like this can keep your skills, no pun intended, sharp. Let’s see your best shot at the #razorbladechallenge #weldlikeapro #arczone #arc_zone #arctime

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Practical Welding for Off Road Truck Racers

In the upcoming issue of Practical Welding Today (March April 2015) you’ll see an article we did about helping Jeremy McGrath set up his welding equipment in his new race shop.  If you’re not familiar with McGrath… well clearly you’re not a Supercross fan! He’s the winningest Supercross racer of all time, known as the King of Supercross, and his nickname is “Showtime” for his signature aerial move the Nac Nac.

Jeremy’s now retired from Supercross but last year he put together an Off Road Truck Racing team Jeremy McGrath Motorsports (JM2).  They race in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.

When Arc-Zone’s PRO Partners were in town we went up to Lake Elsinore to the races, and to tour Jeremy’s shop. Continue reading

Innovators in Welding Safety

3M™ Rugged Comfort Half Facepiece 6500 Series

3M™ Rugged Comfort Half Facepiece 6500 Series

Arc-Zone is partnering with 3M™ to bring some of the most highly engineered welding safety products to our customers.

3M™ makes many many products (everything from masking tape and Post-It Notes to data storage) but we’ll only be offering their welding safety products or Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Specifically we’ll be stocking 3M’s welding helmets including the the auto-darkening helmets with Speedglas™ lens, and 3M respiratory safety products (including Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) ).

The helmets and respiratory protection products are designed to work together for the ultimate in safety and comfort.

If you’re managing any kind of welding business you’re well aware of OSHA regulations, specifically in regards to respiratory safety but many of you may not realize that depending on your specific welding application, the process changes you implement in your weld shop may Continue reading

Why spend extra on a cable cover for your TIG torch?

Protect Your TIG torch Cables From Damage

We know about being budget conscious.  Remember started out in a suburban garage and with a small line of welding accessories.  I wore all the hats:  technical welding consultant, vendor relations coordinator, account rep, customer service rep, bookkeeper, shipping guy…  So I understand the importance of spending money only on things that really matter.


From an investment standpoint, cable covers matter.

Imagine, in a busy weld shop you’re dragging your TIG torch all over the place to get your job(s) done. Well, you’re also exposing your cables to various shop hazards like sparks.  If you’re using the vinyl (plastic) hoses, they’re especially vulnerable to damage–which is why we generally recommend the braided rubber hoses and why we include a cable cover with our water cooled TIG Torch PRO packages.**  You may think it’s not a big deal, a short gas hose for your TIG torch will only cost about $15 bucks to replace, but do that over and over again and it adds up! And if you have to replace a hose, you’re not welding, you’re out shopping.

**If you’re interested, check out “Rubber vs. Vinyl Plastic Hoses, Which one is Better”

Bundle Cables to Improve Safety And Convenience

Shop safety is important to us here at Arc-Zone, and bundling your cables keeps them all tucked in together and less likely to get caught on something, or trip someone.  Arc-Zone offers two Continue reading

February As Seen On Instagram

Did you know you can find Arc-Zone on Instagram?  Well, once a month we’ll be doing a roundup of all the welding action on Instagram:  industry news, amazing welds, featured products, updates on our PRO Partners activities, and/or a look at what our customers are up to in the weld shop or out in the field.  We hope you’ll join us over there, but if you just want the highlights, you can continue to follow the blog.

Arc-Zone Product Spotlight

CK-230 TIG TorchPRO TIG TORCH PACKAGE PROMO For the month of February only, we’re knocking 10% off CK Worldwide’s Flagship CK-230 300 Amp TIG Torch with our specialized Pro Package Kit included. If you already have a torch but want all the benefits that are included in the complete Torch Package, you can grab our “Pro Upgrade Kit” separately for this month only. The Pro Upgrade Kit includes: ✓ Ballistic Nylon Cable Covers ✓ Gas Saver Front End Parts ✓ Pyrex & Alumina Push-On Cup ✓ Pre-Ground Arctime Tungsten ✓ Shield Gas Flow Tester ✓ TIG/GTAW Calculator #arczone #weldlikeapro#welding #arczoneproductspotlight

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Most Commented Post


A lot of welders turn on their machine, open up their argon tanks, set their flowmeters and call it good, right? The reading you’re getting from the flowmeter is the rate of flow from the tank to regulator, and not all the way from the machine to the torch. Many times what your flowmeter indicates and what your torch puts out are two entirely different things. Think about the comparison engine hp to wheel hp. Same thing with your gas flow, the flow at the torch often times is less than what the regulator says. With the gas flow tester from you can be sure the flow coming out of your torch is what you want it to be! #arczoneproductspotlight #weldlikeapro #tigtuesday #welding #arczone #arctime #TIG #GTAW #tigaesthetics

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TIG Torch Spotlight: CK 230 from CK Worldwide

CK-230 TIG torch packageWhy the CK 230 Should be Your Next TIG Torch

If you’re looking for a small but super powerful TIG welding torch, you’ll want to check out this torch from CK Worldwide–engineered for the most demanding TIG welding jobs:

  • Super powerful:  300 amp ACHF or DCSP at 100%
  • Efficient:  water-cooled torch
  • Small and light:  Torch Length:  8-1/4 in (20.9 cm), Torch body weight:  3-3/4 oz (106 gm)
  • Versatile: Great TIG torch for 80% of all general purpose TIG welding applications, including heavy-duty applications where torch control is critical
  • Universal:  the CK-230 uses the “2” Series head components (compatible with 9, 20, 280, & CS310 Parts).

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