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Avast Me Hearties! Weld Like A Pirate

Most land lubbers stop at a gas station or two when they be travellin’ ‘tween Pennsylvania and Florida.  This lass, however, dropped anchor in Virginia t’ help weld up a pirate ship.

“It was a real good thing I showed up when I did. I made a lot of repairs from the welders that were there before me then I helped build the deck and above. It was probably the best job I ever had,” said Terri Asby.

Terri’s interest in welding was sparked at a Norfolk, Virginia high school in the late 70s.  She took all the elective classes that were offered:  cooking, sewing, small engine repair, wood shop and then welding, where her teacher James Reynolds took a special interest in her. “I could go to his class anytime I wanted….to build things. I built a rabbit cage, go cart, a six- foot shelf, and a coffee table to name a few,” she said.

The next year, Terri went to a vocational school where she learned even more about welding.  Then a classmate brought her an application for the Newport News Shipyard.  She applied, got the job and worked there for two years.  “They certified me for many different techniques–  ones that a lot of people never heard of, and I have not used since, but it made my resume look good!”
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