From Sonic to Combo Welder

noid-2014-05-03_17.31.57-2Adora Ramirez has been welding for about ten years.

Her stepfather introduced her to welding, and started her off with a garage MIG gun. “It couldn’t weld very thick metal– it was just a home welder,” she says.

How long have you been welding, and what got you interested in welding?

I’ve been welding for about ten years now. I got into welding after my stepfather was in a motorcycle accident and died. He was a welder and he taught me a few tricks with the MIG gun. Well after his death I was working at Sonic and saw a 45-year-old women working as a bar hop. Things just came into perspective and I told myself that would not be me. So I quit my job that day and enrolled in college in the welding program. I picked up welding to honor my stepfather John…. kinda my way of keeping him close to my heart. Continue reading

Welding Giant Angel Wings

Barbie Parsons, Woman WelderBarbie Parsons was fascinated by the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks, but she was not drawn to the story of survival, nor character played by Tom Hanks, but rather with the woman welding giant angel wings at the beginning of the movie.  She said to herself, “I would love to do that!”  And for the last seven years that’s exactly what she’s been doing.

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Victoria: BlacksmitHER !

noid-DSCF4647Victoria Ross Patti has been welding for twenty years, her interest in metal first sparked when she worked as the only woman industrial mechanic at a Water Treatment plant in Boulder Colorado.

“Once I learned I was soon staying after work to practice and make metal sculptures from the discarded parts of motors and pumps from the treatment plant,” she says.

What excites you about welding?

I am excited to see more and more women getting into this field of work, it’s a momentum that is growing and exciting.

What welding process(es) do you use most? or feel more familiar with?

When I was at the water treatment plant I used stick and MIG on various treatment equipment and pipe.  Now I primarily use MIG on steel for my steel sculptures. Continue reading

ATTN: Women Welders, We Want YOUR Stories!

Carmen Electrode is BackThere are a lot of misconceptions about what kind of work welding is, and what kind of women weld… and at (where I work) we’re trying to change that–and we need YOUR HELP!

Tell us your story! We’ve been profiling women who weld on our site since 2008. In fact, we even received an Image of Welding Award for the NEW ROSIES project from the American Welding Society.

If you are a woman welder, I’d love to get your story. And I’ve just made it super easy– just fill out the form on the webpage linked below and I’ll get in touch! This project is really important. Let’s show other women that WE CAN DO IT!…/contacting-c…/featured-new-rosie/


3 Traits Every Successful Welder Has

The most outstanding professional welders have three key characteristics that make them exceptional. Welding proficiency shows in the results of a welder’s work, which is based on drawing from a solid skill set, properly applying expertise, and having a particular flair for the work. A successful welder understands the craft, continues to learn, and finds a specific niche.


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Is Welding Women’s Work?

Alexandra TIG WeldingMost women welders I know often say that when folks find out they are welders, they are surprised.  Women don’t weld, right?  I mean a girl!?  Sadly there are many out there (men and women) who think that welding isn’t a good career choice for women.  Just recently Cameron wrote to us:

Hello, I am a 33 year old woman and have been thinking of welding. I hear very mixed reviews. Some people tell me the industry has changed enough that it’s relatively clean work that doesn’t cause too much wear and tear to your muscles and body.  Others say it’s dirty and grimy and you have to be in tight spaces welding over your head sometimes and that it is very tough on a   petite girl.  I wonder what your thoughts on this are?

We’ve written a lot about this in the past, but it never hurts to address this again.  Maybe until folks get it right–welding is a fine career for a woman!

A lot of women wonder what it will be like working in a predominately male environment.  Here’s some tips: Continue reading