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Tips for staying safe while welding.

Tips for Eye Safety While Welding

As someone who has worn glasses since the 4th grade one of my greatest fears has always been that I would go blind.  So this last week of National Safety Month I wanted to write about Eye Protection.



Fortunately, welding helmets are a lot more comfortable than what’s shown in this Library of Congress photo from 1944!

Protect your Eyes While Welding

It sounds obvious, but eye injuries are one of the most common types of injuries on the welding job.  And in the case of arc flash–which you can get even if you turn your head away instead of wearing UV protection–the damage can accumulate over time.  And even seemingly innocuous tasks can result in foreign material in your eye, so always use eye  protection: goggles, safety glasses, or welding helmets.

Safety Glasses for Welding

At Arc-Zone we developed this Guide to Eye Care for Welders (.pdf), print it out and keep it in your shop.  There’s a section on what to do in an emergency that I hope you never use, but keep it in an easily accessible spot if you ever find yourself in an emergency….

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Health Tips for Welding Safely

Since June is National Safety Month,  we signed up for the National Safety Council newsletter, full of tips each week for staying safe on the job.  These don’t apply specifically to welding, they are good general safety tips.

This week’s feature is on employee wellness, so I thought I would take the opportunity to talk about heat stress, especially for you folks welding out-of-doors where in some parts of the country we’re already hitting triple digits!  And it’s not even summer yet!

First, take care of yourself:  get exercise (even if you have a physical job, consider yoga, or a stretching routine), and eat right.    Did you know there are foods you can eat that can improve your body’s ability to handle the heat?  One of the best tips I’ve seen is “Eat your water” meaning eat foods that have a high water content (WATERmelon, celery, cucumber, etc.).  And avoid fatty foods.  Read more tips: “Beat the Heat with These Super Cool Foods”


You may also want to take a look at some of the great heat-beating welding apparel accessories you can add to your arsenal.  Check out Miller’s new Arc Armor™ Heat Stress Protection products:  The CoolBand™ and the CoolBelt™.

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June is (Welding) Safety Month

The National Safety Council sets aside each June as National Safety Month so we thought we’d follow their lead and focus on safety in the welding industry this month.

It seems every day in the news there is a report of some accident:

Welding mishap blamed for barn fire….

Fatal oil-tank explosion tied to welding….

Welding gear may have sparked Birmingham Gardens fire…

You’ll notice the common theme: fire.  But welding safety is about more than just keeping your sparks away from flammable material.  Welding safety is about proper clothing and eye protection and welding safety is about equipment maintenance, and a safe work environment.

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New Year, New Welding Helmet?

You probably don’t really need a new welding helmet, but how could you resist this awesome helmet from Miller:

Miller Performance Series auto-darkening welding helmet  (MIL-256-165)



I just love the graphics on this helmet–but even more important is the safety it offers.  This is a solid helmet great for any welding application.  The inside of the helmet has adjustable headgear for improved fit and comfort, while the auto-darkening lens is powered by three independent sensors with a lens speed of 1/20,000 second and two replaceable lithium batteries that last up to 3,000 hours… This is the Performance Series Illusion Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet from Miller– part number MIL-256 165.

At Arc-Zone in addition to the  Miller welding helmets, you’ll find Jackson, and Huntsman welding helmets, from fixed shade to auto darkening to passive helmets.  And if you’re not sure which helmet is right for you, check out our Guide to Choosing Welding Helmets and Goggles (PDF), written by the technical experts at Arc-Zone.

If you’re not in the market for  a snazzy new welding helmet, keep in mind that you can give your current helmet a tune-up.  Arc-Zone carries replacement parts, from the lenses themselves to batteries  to the headgear assembly. You’ll find Miller welding helmet replacement parts online here–>  and Jackson welding helmet replacement parts here–>

PS:  if your finding your eyes are not what they used to be… did you know you can buy “cheater” lenses for your welding helmet?

Don’t shop, WELD!

With less than one day left before we’ll be sitting around the tree opening presents, if you’ve not finished your Christmas shopping, you may find yourself tempted to go the mall.  Don’t go!  Instead, wouldn’t you rather be welding?  There are tons of great gifts you can make to hand out, and you’ll be doing something you love, for someone you love!

We’ve heard from tons of fans who have welded gifts:  a stainless steel flower, a welding table, a Christmas Candelabra, belt buckles made with stainless tubing and TIG wire,  a fire pit, a barbecue pit, a horseshoe and wagon wheel bench…. The creativity of our fans is amazing!

Arc-Zone’s own Joanie (aka MIG Ryan) loves to weld gifts for her friends and family and wanted share some tips.

Joanie recommends a MIG welder.  “It’s quick and easy to set up for mild steel. And if you use scrap, most of the metal you’ll find is usually some type of steel.”

Joanie also loves her plasma cutter, “I call it my paintbrush for metal,” she says.  You could also use a die grinder with a flap disc to remove surface rust and welding slag to add another level of texture, basic hammering tools, chisels, vice grips, nippers, metal shears, a chop saw, and other metal hand tools to shape the metal you’re working with.

For any items that are going to be outside, cure items with clear acrylic.  “Once it’s out in the elements, different characteristics of the metal will emerge,” Joanie says.

1. Joanie’s favorite items to make as gifts usually involve using found objects or repurposing things.  “I take an old hand saw—most people throw them away—and I write a positive message like ‘Life’s a Journey. Have Fun’ on it and cut it out with my plasma cutter.  Joanie says these signs are perfect for the garden.

2. Joanie also likes to make heart signs—which also make great gifts. (pictured above)

3. Windchimes are another whimsical and easy to make gift with scrap metal, everything from bottle caps to broken down metal parts.  Joanie even adds rocks for a natural element and gears—whatever she has found laying around.

4. Picture frames made of scrap metal are always a popular item, especially if it includes a nice picture of you with your special friend!

5. My favorite of Joanie’s gift items are the garden critters.  They’re so wacky and fun.

Half mask welding respirator

Of course, like all of us here at Arc-Zone, Joanie say:  SAFETY FIRST!  Especially a  respirator and proper hand, ear and eye protection. “The Miller half mask respirator is AWESOME. I can’t tell you how much I love that,” she says. (pictured right)

Arc-Zone not only carries these, but a great line of welding safety gear—and even welding apparel sized and designed for women.