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News from Weldcraft

WP-26 Air Cooled Torch from Weldcraft

The WP-26 is not a new TIG/GTAW welding torch, but as part of the Contractor’s Kit you can purchase with your Miller it is one of the more popular in the Weldcraft line. It is an air-cooled torch, and accepts tungsten from .020″ to 5/32″ diameter making this welding torch well suited for heavy duty field work.Weldcraft WP-26FV available at

  • Five torch options to meet a variety of needs
  • 200 amp air-cooled capability
  • Flexible neck, gas control valve options available

Purchase your own WP-26 TIG Torch Package at

TIG WELDING TIP from Weldcraft

We had a visit from our Weldcraft sales rep the other day. He had lots of great information to share, and some behind-the-scenes company info (we were sworn to secrecy, but I’ll let on as soon as we are given the O.K.) And, the new Weldcraft catalog is available. Drop me a note if you’re interested in having one– we’ll get one sent out to you.

Sales people always have great schwag : branded post-it notes, pens, coffee mugs, you know. Sometimes you can go months without going to the office supply store!

Joshua is no different. He left me this great notepad. (Thanks!) Not only does it have all the appropriate contact information on it, but along the bottom there’s TIG WELDING TIPS. I’ll share them here, on the blog, just in case you don’t get a visit from Joshua.


Prevent excessive electrode consumption: maintain one second of post-flow gas for every 10 amps of weld current and choose a tungsten diameter appropriate for your application.

And don’t forget, has some great welding tips, articles and links in their library. And don’t forget about JoeWelder– a great place to read commentary on welding industry news, and tips on metal fabrication from Jim Watson.

Weldcraft Tungsten

In case you have not noticed… at Arc-Zone we sell a lot of Weldcraft TIG Torches. We’ve been impressed with their quality, and plus we like dealing with everyone at the Appleton Wisconsin facility. Of course we liked it better when they were just up the road in Burbank, it was like they were neighbors, but we are still getting really great service, and great products from them.

Weldcraft is now selling tungsten.

Weldcraft will offer five types of tungsten: pure, 2% ceriated, 2% thoriated, 1.5% lanthanum and rare earth. Each type of tungsten will be available in 7-inch lengths in industry standard diameters of 0.40-, 1/16-, 3/32-, 1/8- and 5/32-inches.

Weldcraft’s new line of premium tungsten meets even the most demanding of TIG welding applications. Weldcraft evaluated multiple sources to find the highest quality tungsten in the industry. According to Mike Sammons, sales and marketing manager, Weldcraft, “We are excited to be able to provide our customers with this new product offering. Our commitment to supply quality TIG products to our customers is extremely important to us. Adding the tungsten line expands that commitment.” Weldcraft’s engineers conducted several rigorous tests to ensure quality and durability. Sammons continues, “Our new line of tungsten line is far superior to other tungsten available on the market-we guarantee it.”

So. If their tungsten is as good as their TIG torches, we may have to start offering Weldcraft tungsten along with our own Amplify brand tungsten….

Lightweight, Versatile WP-9 TIG Torch from Weldcraft

APPLETON, Wis. 14 December 2006-For optimal control when welding thin gauge materials (up to 1/4 inch), Weldcraft offers its 125-amp, air cooled WP-9 torch series. This series is comprised of the WP-9, WP-9V and WP-9P torches, each of which is rated at 60-percent duty cycle at 125-amps with a DC power source and work especially well in confined areas.To maximize operator comfort and allow access in hard-to-reach areas, the WP-9 and WP-9V torches weigh only 3 oz. (excluding the power cable) and measure 7 inches long with a 3/4 inch handle diameter. The WP-9P pencil torch offers the same lightweight body, but measures only 6-inches long and does not utilize a back cap. This model also features a 180-degree head, making it ideal for welding in especially restricted joints.

Each torch features a quick-release tungsten adjustment designed for easy adjustment of the collet and collet body assembly and fine-tuning of the tungsten extension. For TIG welding power sources that do not include a gas solenoid, the WP-9V includes a shielding gas valve conveniently located on the handle, making it easy for welding operators to adjust shielding gas flow.

“The WP-9 series of TIG torches are a great alternative to many of the larger sized torches on the market today, ” says Mike Sammons, sales and marketing manager, Weldcraft. “They are very versatile torches that can be used in any application or industry where an operator works in thinner gauge materials or in smaller spaces.

“To simplify inventory and parts management within shops, the WP-9 series of torches use the same parts as Weldcraft’s WP-20 TIG torch. “What’s great about the WP-9 torches is that if a welder wants to add it to their arsenal of welding equipment, they can do so without having to purchase all new supporting hardware,” adds Sammons.

Each of the WP-9 torches is available with one- or two-piece power cables in 12.5, 25 and 50 foot lengths.

Weldcraft is the world’s leading manufacturer of GTAW (TIG) welding torches and accessories. A broad line of premium products includes the unique Crafter Series, MicroTig,(TM) Quick Connect System,(TM) WP Series Super Cool, Super-Flex, and Single Piece Collet/Collet Body. Weldcraft is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW), Glenview, Ill. ITW is a diversified multinational manufacturer of highly engineered components, assemblies and systems., Inc. distributes Genuine Weldcraft TIG Torches, from Arc-Zone’s PRO Torch packages to industry standard torch packages and a full ine of replacement parts.