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Welding Apparel for Women

Given the continued projected shortage of skilled welders, one can only expect the number of women in the welding industry to grow…  and with that growth, a demand for welding apparel that fits well.

AngelFire welding apparel for women

AngelFire welding apparel for women

We all know that women are shaped differently than men.  But did you know that AngelFire is not the only welding apparel for women?

Miller is introducing a new women’s line of their Arc Armor® apparel.

We are excited to see more options for women who weld in terms of apparel. Continue reading

The Miller Everyday Welding Hero: Kay Minto

Congratulations to Kay Minto, a TIG welder with 28 years experience, who won the Miller Everyday Welding Hero grand prize!  She’ll get a trip to Appleton Wisconsin to visit the Miller headquarters, and some premium welding equipment:  a Diversion 180 TIG welder, an Arc Armor Performance Pak.

Kay Minto TIG Welder Miller Everyday Welding Hero

Kay was one of three winners, and the only woman!  She was nominated by her son who is proud of her not only for the quality artwork she produces, but for mentoring younger welders.  Read more about her online at

Pipe Welding Videos

The hottest thing on the internet… in case you haven’t been paying attention… is video. It’s a great way to share information with customers, and Miller Electric has joined the party!

They just announced the addition of pipe welding videos on their website:

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s Pipe Welding Technique videos are now available for free downloading on the Miller Website at These videos explain techniques and technology that increase pipe-welding productivity. On-line video topics include new advances in pipe welding techniques, preparation of the pipe joint, RMD™ on carbon steel pipe, RMD on stainless steel pipe and cap and fill passes with Pro-Pulse™. A free CD containing these videos can also be ordered by visiting

AND just a note. The videos are available for streaming, not download! There’s some good basic information. Pipe welders may be interested in some of the purge gas equipment that carries: purge bladders, weld tape, water soluble purge film and tape.

Miller Electric’s new Dynasty 350 TIG Welder– Squarewave to the Max

Miller DynastyMore amps for your buck!

Well Miller Electric is at it again, introducing a new TIG welding machine, the Dynasty 350. And even with more power, the new machine is more efficient, offering power management technology that will lower your primary power draw. Other features include Advanced AC Controls, Independent AC amplitude/amperage control, AC Waveshaping options, improved pulsed TIG… and much more…

Now doesn’t sell welding machines at this time, however, if you want to make sure you get the most out of your new Dynasty, or whatever your TIG Welding machine, give a call, drop by the online webstore. We’ll set you up with the best TIG Torch for your application, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your machine.

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