TIG Welding with Monsters

At Arc-Zone we just re-introduced the Monster(TM) TIG welding Nozzle–you can read about it over on Joe Welder’s blog–and I can’t get this song out of my head!


Now that I have that out of the way…

The Monster Nozzle is a great accessory especially if you’re welding stainless or titanium.  With the super wide alumina nozzle–a Number 16, 1-in wide (25.4mm)–and a diffuser bisket, plus a verified-quality gas lens collet body, collet, and Teflon gasket, you’ll get an especially coherent flow of gas over your weld zone.

Monster TIG nozzles available in two ways:

Single tungsten size Monster Nozzle:
Kit includes a Monster Nozzle with diffuser bisket, a verified-quality gas lens collet body, collet and Teflon gasket.  You can select the tungsten sizes you need for your application, and your torch model– 2, or 9/20 series or the 3, or 17/18/26 series TIG torches.

The Monster Nozzle Pro Kits:
Kit includes a Monster Nozzle with 3 diffuser biskets, a range of verified-quality gas lens collet bodies, collets, a Teflon gasket, long, medium and short back caps with spare o-rings– Plus a couple standard gas lens nozzles for those every day jobs.  Also included is our ArcTime Hyperformance All-Purpose Non-Radioactive Rare Earth Tungsten Electrodes.  Pro Kits available for the 2, or 9/20, and we offer  a Pro Conversion Kit for the 3, or 17/18/26 series TIG torches.

We hope you’ll give the Monster TIG Nozzle a try.

In fact, if you tell us a good story on our Facebook page, you could win one!

Contest ends June 21, 2013 at 3 p.m. California time.



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