Tungsten Electrodes for TIG Welding: More Buzz


Just the other day I ran across a video from the 2012 Fabtech show, introducing the New! Innovative! E3 Tungsten! Which, of course, got me to wondering what’s new about this tungsten…  so I watched the video, which you can too at the E3 website, and I came to the conclusion:  not much.

Adding three oxides to tungsten to replace Thoriated tungsten is not really a new idea.  Weldcraft has a Rare Earth blend, TriMix has been around for years, and Arc-Zone has been selling ArcTime Hybrid Performance tungsten electrodes –for all power sources, and all metals, for several years!

ArcTime Hybrid Tungsten Electrodes

All these tungsten electrodes are excellent replacements for  Thoriated tungsten, and even perform better.  In addition there are other blends such as Lanthanated and Ceriated tungsten that are also good for many welding applications.  And, of course, Arc-Zone stocks those as well. In fact, I think we have the most comprehensive line of the very best tungsten electrodes for TIG and Plasma Arc Welding in the industry! In fact, the idea of adding three oxides to tungsten is not that new.  Weldcraft offers the Rare Earth blend, Tri-Mix has been around for years, and Arc-Zone has been selling ArcTime(TM) a hybrid blend of tungsten for nearly 10 years!

One of the reasons we recommend ArcTime as the best replacement for Thoriated  tungsten electrodes is that our technical experts at Arc-Zone have tested, used and sold all the top tungsten brands and blends.  Arc-Zone.com CEO and founder Jim Watson (and master fabricator in his own right) says “I feel confident that no better performing general purpose tungsten electrode exists.”

Tungsten Electrodes

Our Quality Control staff checks each package of ArcTime to ensure that each tungsten electrode passes our 5-point inspection.  We’ve seen problems from inconsistent finish, flaking paint, and even bent electrodes.  In fact, over on JoeWelder.com Jim wrote an article about “what’s the difference” between manufacturers.

So that’s the latest buzz on tungsten electrodes…  if you ever have any questions about your welding application and the best tungsten to use, give our customer care folks a call:  800-944-2243 (toll free US) or 760-931-1500 (worldwide).  As Jim would say, they’ll “dial you in,” and get you the best solution for your welding needs.


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    1. Hello, Alexander.

      Rare-earth tungsten electrodes are non-radioactive and contain additives of “rare-earth” oxides or hybrid combinations of different oxides.
      Results include a stable arc in both AC and DC processes, greater longevity than thoriated tungsten, the ability to use a smaller-diameter electrode for the same job, use of a higher current for a similar-sized electrode, and less tungsten spitting.

      E3 tungsten electrodes are specially alloyed to be useable in just about any application. They burn cooler and are more durable than thoriated electrodes, without the radioactivity. They feature better arc starts at lower power setting than most other electrodes and a stable arc for more accurate welds.

      If there is anything else we can help with, feel free to give our friendly customer care team a call at 760-931-1500 or 1-800-944-2243

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