Sara Bingham’s Mad Welding Skillz Serving the US Navy!


We first “met” Sara Bingham back in 2008. She had just taken first place in welding for the Skills USA Championship .  That win netted her a visit to Lincoln Electric and some hands on training.   She then went on to Uintah Basin Applied Technology College and then the Navy where she now works as a Hull Technician stationed in Japan!

You can read all about it here on Vernal Express, “UBATC training catapults woman into Navy career”

It’s so inspiring to see a young woman like Sara succeed, AND to apply those skills in service of her country–  especially the Navy!  As the daughter of a Navy Captain, the  granddaughter of two Admirals, and the great granddaughter of a Navy Lieutenant,  I’ve a special place in my heart for the US Navy…

So way to go!!

And if YOU are a woman welder, or you know one who would be a great feature for our New Rosies column, drop me a line!


3 comments on “Sara Bingham’s Mad Welding Skillz Serving the US Navy!”:

  1. Sara Bingham

    I was looking through the comments that people have posted on my article and realized I’d never even seen half of them. People are so genuine and it’s an honor to have been taken an interest in. I love this field and love our country for allowing us women (and men) to pursue whatever dreams we desire, it’s truly a gift.

    As for women welders. I would like to recommend a very inspiring woman I know that has taught me much of what I know concerning welding. However, I dont’ want to put her personal information here! If you are interested, respond back to this comment and I’ll find a way to get it to you.

    1. sherri

      I am looking for a mentor who is a “lady welder”. I’ve been in training at a community college since jan 2014 and am very interested in welding as my skill. I haven’t met anyone (male or female) willing to take this granma under their wings and “show her the ropes”. I’ll stay under my hood while I’m waiting. Congratulations on your achievements!


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