Welders in Need at Shipyards


There are jobs for welders out there:

Program Trains Welders For Shipyards

Welding Instructor: No Experience Required For Students

PORTLAND, Ore. — A local program is training a new generation of welders for Portland’s shipyards.

As part of the program, students first learn their skills at Portland Community College and the Swan Island Training Center. Vigor Marine, a ship-building company, hires the best and gives them on-the-job training and experience.

“You’re going to be trained to do everything: rigging, fitting, grinding,” said Mike Rasmussen, a welding instructor. “This program offers students to come in with no experience, knowing nothing about this trade.”



One thought on “Welders in Need at Shipyards

  1. Vincent Bedube

    i want a job, I am a welder with 6yrs experience, in the place where i work, we do so many welding & fabricating e.g
    trailer hanger fixing and fitting.
    trailer body building e.t.c


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