If you’ve ever seen the show Stomp, then you’ll immediately understand what this new group ScrapArtsMusic is all about.  In the Stomp show, performers use anything from brooms to garbage cans to… themselves to make music.

ScrapArtsMusic has kicked it up a notch by using- you guessed it – scrap metal.  All of their musical instruments are made of recycled scrap metal and other materials, welded and refashioned into new and sometimes odder-looking instruments.  Take a look at this youtube video to get a glimpse of their astounding performance skills:


One thought on “ScrapArtsMusic

  1. justine.m

    I’ve seen both companies and I’d say the big difference is that Scrap Arts Music is comprised of highly trained percussionist that are incredibly energetic, whereas Stomp features highly trained dancers with rhythmic abilities. Scrap Arts Music really delivers on the music front. The fact that all their surprisingly refined looking instruments are made by the group’s leader and composer from recycled materials means it’s a ‘green’ project too!

    Scrap Arts Music is an invented instrument ensemble. They take the audience on a really exciting musical journey with choreographed movement and the coolest sculptural instruments around. Can’t wait to see them again – this time at the State Theatre!!

    They have other YouTube videos too…


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