Calling all Women Welders


There’s been a lot of talk lately about the welder shortage:

And there’s been a lot of talk about why women don’t become welders (too tough a job, too dirty, etc)

The fact is there are a lot of misconceptions about what kind of work welding is, and what kind of women weld… and I’d like to do my part to change that.

We have a regular feature for this site, the NEW ROSIES where we feature the amazing women who weld.

If you know a woman who welds, or if you are a woman who welds and would like to be featured, contact me directly: carmenelectrode –at– (or you can use the Contact Carmen Electrode form). I’m looking for all kinds of women to showcase the variety of opportunities there are for women whether its your hobby or profession I want to hear from you!

NOTE:  this is an ongoing project.  Check out the fabulous female fabricators we’ve featured, our New Rosies.


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  1. Amy Henderson

    I am a woman blacksmith and welder! I have been doing it since 1997 and I love it. It’s hot, dirty, FUN work. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Its fun to see different peoples reactions when I tell them what I do.

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  3. Rachel Alber

    I have been a metal fabricator/ welder now for over 10 years. I create sculptures out of mostly rebar and used building material. I also have a line of stainless steel and found steel jewelry. The possibilities are endless. To quote my fellow faber, “Steel is Real”!!

  4. Dana D'Oench

    I am a female welder/metal fabricator/bike builder. I was one of the 1st women to do a biker build off. I was on the “Metric Revolution” on ESPN. I love that you have this site and love to see women in the industry. Congrats to the other women who broke the mold.. Dana D’Oench

  5. Moody

    I am 25 years old and have been welding for 6 years. I excel in structural welding and fabrication (7018 Vert/Horiz/Flat/Over) as well as heavy equipment repair and general welding (Mig/TIG Alum, SS, and Mild steel). In my opinion, there is nothing more satisfying than busting my ass all day in the hot sun, burning rods 30+ feet in the air and then coming home dead tired to drink a few beers. I love what I do and I take A LOT of pride in what I do. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’d go toe to toe with any man that talks shit and thinks they can weld better than me because i’m female. Good luck boss….

  6. Marta

    I am a 27 year women and am taking welding technology at Shasta College in California.I am excited about a career in welding and there is only 1 other girl. I will update on my progress!

  7. kari blaylock

    at the present time i am going to mmtc school to be a welder. i am the only women in the class. i love it it is fun you learn alot. right now im in tig and its fun. the instructors are fun to be around.i graduate in sept of 09.

  8. Monica Haines

    I am a high pressure pipe welder. I have been welding for twenty four years.When I came out of trade school there were not many women in the field. The work environments were harsh and it was always a fight to prove that I was there to work not to date or look pretty.But I love welding. the fight was well worth the things I have gotten back from my trade.

  9. Jaime Ryan

    I’ve been welding for eight years now.My specialty is stainless steel and aluminium tig welding .I love what I do . The assembly part of it is awesome . Were I’m working now, I do custom work for residential and commercial kitchens.Including counter tops ,sinks, cabinet,exhaust hoods and backsplashes and much more. It is sometime hard working with men, but in the end ,the accomplishment that you feel is well worth it ! Go Girls! Go! lol

  10. Laura Sturgill

    I am currently a student to get my associates of welding at our local college. I’m 37 years old. I recently lost my job at a call center after 13 years and I vowed I’d never again have a desk job. I looked into different options and decided on welding and I could not be happier. I may be starting over in my career path, but I couldn’t be happier. It’s hard work, hot work, and demanding, but it’s e most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I’m proud to be among the ranks of women welders.

  11. Cait Chambers

    I’m 18 years old and in the Welding Engineering and Fabrication Technology program at Pennsylvania College of Technology. I’ve been welding for 3 years, and I’m also in the advanced placement program because I already have certifications. I love it more than anything and can’t picture myself doing anything else! I absolutely fell in love with welding, and love everything about it. I plan on trying to get into the 798, work for a major corp., or something out in the field, and eventually getting my CWI. I love the dirty, hard, hot work, and I’m proud to be a woman welder!

  12. Anni Bartlett

    I got introduced to welding while in university doing my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I instantly loved it, and went on to to a college certificate in welding after university. While many of my friends struggled for months to find a job in their field after various types of schooling, I was hired within two weeks of finishing welding school. I work at an amazing company that builds rock climbing walls all over North America and internationally. I get to travel, learn new things all the time, and build amazing structures that people will have fun on. Proud to be a woman and a welder!

  13. Judy Enz

    I have been in the welding industry for 35 years. Starting my welding career as a welder in a Southern california shipyard in 1977. I worked as welder doing nuclear shutdowns, Fab shops and into teaching in 1994. Obtained my CWI in 1999. Ran a consulting business and ran my own private welding school. I now work for The Boeing Company in Learning Training and Development, welding focal. Welding has been an amazing career. I would love to encourage more women into the Industry.

  14. Valerie

    I am an union Ironworkers, I have been welding for 8 yrs. in plants, on commercial buildings and on state bridges on highways and throughout cities all over. Love welding!

  15. Autumn Ryder

    i love this site! it is nice to see so much positivity

    i am 19 and currently studying at ATL collage in the UK
    i haven’t long started…but i really cant express my excitement for welding
    in February i will have gotten at least 1 or 2 of my basic welding qualifications..and then i will go to Thailand to do some diving programs
    i expect to be fully qualified within the next 2-3 years

    my dream is to become a wet-welder!

    iam so glad i have found the that of life that i have been looking for!

  16. Beth Damore Klobusnik

    I am a 7 year welder, I have done stuctural steel, neuculear welding,
    Robotic welding, and I am currently welding locomotives.
    I love welding, I made a career change in my early 30’s. I did not have much support when i decided to go to school for welding, but the 1 or 2 people
    That did give me the support, i am gratefull for. and am glad
    I did. Getting sweaty dirty and ussaly pretty stinky:) I fit right in
    With the guys I work with. I would encourage any and all females who are
    A hands on kind of woman to try it. Some people
    Have asked, why welding?, I ask them, why not welding?

  17. Alissa

    I am 18 and working on my second year of welding at Rowanty Technical Center in carson Virginia. Im a senior this year and Ive already applied to The Apprentice School of Shipbuilding in Newport News. I love welding with a passion. Its frustrating being the only female in my class not because of the trade but the attitude from the males. Im one who will struggle with something before asking for help and they mock me when I cant do something as well as they can. Im still a beginner but my teacher says he can see me telling people what to do. He told me that he sees me doing great in the welding field and that when im out of high school he knows I wont take the BS Im taking now. I plan to weld for a few years then go to school for motorcycle mechanics and open up my own repair/ custom bike shop. Before I settle down and open my own buisness i want to travel with welding and expand my horizons. Welding is amazing it really is.

    1. Carmen

      I feel like we should have an IT GET’S BETTER campaign for young women– boys can be jerks! fortunately they grow up. Trust your teacher, and keep going for your dream!

  18. Alissa

    Women are just as capable as men. So many guys think women should be girly and not do what they do. Im a tom-boy at heart. I spit, burp, make dirty jokes and dont mind getting dirty. Dont get me wrong, theres nothing wrong being girly. I like to get all girled out from time to time because i dont do it that often. It just begs me when people say something isnt lady like or say it isnt right because im a female. I had spit and a friend said ladys dont spit and i responded by say No but women do because they can do anything a man can do if not better. I myself am not very musclar but i can manage. if youre a woman who is musclar go for it! i think that is awesome. We may not seem as strong as males but we are able to do the same. i dont ask for special treatment, i ask for the same treatment as the guys and DEMAND respect. i give respect and i should recieve respect in return.

  19. Ashley

    Guy in a bar:so what do you do?

    Me: I’m a welder.

    Guy: Oh, you are SO much hotter now!!!

    It was hilarious, ’til he looked at my 25 yr old sister and said “oh, I see you brought your mother with you to the bar.”

    Been a union welder for almost 2 yrs now. Only woman welder in my shop, the second one ever in the company. It’s been great. It’s a really cool story that I’m always happy to share, especially with women who are interested in fabricating.

  20. Becky

    I worked at ABB for ten years weilding transforners, was the first and only female they ever hired ! I love welding and its nothing better than laying down a good oil tight weild !!

  21. Jenette

    Hi I’m 26 mother of 2 kids marred for 5 years and I’m proud to say I’m a double coded welder and mosselbaai firs female that can weld I’m the only one in my family that is a welder I can weld any thing you can weld I’m proud to be a welder and proud on all the women out there that can say I’m a welder women power


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