Selecting a TIG Torch


At we frequently get inquiries from customers looking for other TIG torches, or want to know the difference between one brand versus another. They’ve seen a Weldtec torch, or heard about CK or their local welding supplier sells Best Welds. At we sell Weldcraft TIG Torches.

Not all TIG / GTAW welding torches are created equally. One difference is in the quality raw materials used and the quality of the manufacturing process. I can’t think of a specific example with a tig torch, but I have seen, for example, a cheap gas lens that basically was not brazed and the screens were just stuffed in so the gas flow– well– didn’t. And then the thing fell apart.

Both Weldtec and CK are fine brands. I haven’t heard much about the Best Welds brand. It should be noted, however, that many of these TIG Torch brands call themselves “Weldcraft style.” Bottom line is that Weldcraft is an industry leader and innovator, known for quality products.

Weldcraft® is not the cheapest brand in the marketplace, but using the best engineered torches will get you the best performance from your TIG welder.

When it comes to cables and hoses, it’s not just rubber / braided versus vinyl. The tubing all looks the same, but if the insides are not constructed to spec, and are not taut on the inside (which is difficult to see from looking at the cable) you’ll not get good power flow and if the fittings are not constructed well the cable could in fact pull out.

We recommend the rubber mostly because vinyl is really just a fancy word for plastic, and heat and plastic is not a good combination.

There are a lot of options from Air-Cooled (great for TIG Welding in the field) or Water-Cooled (smaller, lighter and stays cool longer in your hand), from Micro-TIG (for small work) to Flexible Head TIG torches (for– well, flexibilty!) . If you need some help deciding, you can always call Arc-Zone. We have a toll free number 800.944.2243 (US) or call 760.931.1500. Ask for Jim Watson, he’s our TIG Torch expert.


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