Where are the Women Welders?


I just ran across this article online about a woman learning to weld. Why is it that welding is still primarily a male dominated field? Particularly with TIG / GTAW welding brute strength is not what you need most of… rather dexterity, attention to detail and of course practice that will get you further.

There still is a lack of pay equity for women in the workforce, partly perhaps, because of the lower paying jobs women often take. Pay for welders is good. Particularly skilled welders.  And, with the shortage of skilled welders, you’d think that welding would make a good career choice, for a man or a woman.

Anyway, here’s an excerpt from the article:

LTC program turns woman into a welder
Female student shines in mostly male course

By Helen Clarke, Herald Times Reporter

CLEVELAND — Give 24-year-old Lois Vasquez some tungsten inert gas and a welding torch, and she’ll call it Zen.

“It’s a very slow, very delicate process,” Vasquez, a Manitowoc resident and Lakeshore Technical College student, said of TIG welding. “You’ve gotta respect it.”

And as a woman in the welding field, she knows a lot about respect.

Vasquez will graduate from the LTC welding program Saturday, May 12 — the third woman to complete the program in at least the past seven years, welding instructor Dave Saunders said.


Good for Lois Vasquez, but what a shame, that she’s only the third woman to complete the program in the past seven years!

Though not directly related to Women in WELDING … these organizations offer various levels of support, guidance and training to women in the trades:

And for links to trade schools that teach welding, check out the American Welding Society’s Trade School Locator.


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  2. Ruby Wallis

    Wow, I Googled wome welders and came up with this.
    I am a Steamfitter/welder for 33 years. I seved my apprenticeship on the Alaska pipeline. I was getting ready to write a screenplay or book. I m still welding T.I.G. and stick pipe welder for Conoco? Phillips in Rodeo,CA.
    I hav only met three women welders in my trade.
    They just don’t exhist.
    Who wants their boobs burned etc.Oh, but I’m a pyro!!! And artist!!!
    Call me @ (707) 747-5569 or cel (707) 239-1278. I am 28 miles North of San Francisco, CA. Ta TA!!!! Ruby

  3. Amanda Green

    I came out of the Navy this year. I was a welder for them and sought welding in the civilian world. I love welding and seek only to become a master at my craft. I’m not sure why more women don’t seek this trade. I could speculate, but will not succomb to that. I would like to band together. Call me @ (508)527-0066. Maybe we can get together and make something great.


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