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Tungsten Electrodes

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ArcTime™ Hybrid Sky Blue Tip™ 

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Talked with a few other experienced welders and these electrodes were mentioned to me. After trying a lot of other electrodes I knew what I wanted in them (performance wise). As an automotive fabricator, I wanted something that worked well on all metals. Titanium, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and even Chromoly. Having 4 different kinds of electrodes and constantly visiting my belt sander was getting old. With this stuff, the stability is very good, and you can bounce from metal to metal by simply freshening up your point. I welded about 50 pieces of aluminum recently, and could weld for about 30-45 minutes before having to re-sharpen it. Just freshen it up and jump over on some stainless. Stuff is the real deal, my name on instagram is xmgfuller, you can see the results I get with this stuff over on my page if you want to see real life, in color proof of how well these electrodes have performed for me. Thanks!