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Tungsten Electrodes

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ArcTime™ Hybrid Sky Blue Tip™ 

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This Arc Time tungsten is hands down the most versitile tungsten electrode that I have ever used. I've been tig welding for two weeks straight with it and I have used it on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum without a flaw. This hybrid tungsten will be my default tungsten from now on.

The Arc Time Hybrid tungsten is ideal for anyone that tig welds on various material types. The arc that this tungsten produces is super stabile and crisp, even on aluminum. It has a very smooth and quick arc start which has helped me be able to weld in very thin aluminum without blowing a hole through the base material.

Before I had the Arc Time I used pure tungsten on aluminum and ran a balled tip. With the Arc Time I now sharpen it to a point then put a slight flat grind perpendicular to the tungsten to give it a very small flat spot on the tip. This allowed the tungsten to stay at a point throughout my welding.

To wrap this up I would recommend this tungsten to any tig welder out there. Even if you don't weld on aluminum it is still a great tungsten to run and produces no radio-active contamination.

If you want to see the Arc Time Hybrid tungsten in action or the welds it produces check me out on Instagram @Wicked_Welding and don't forget to say Hi!