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Welding Power Source Grounds & Workpiece Ground Whips

Welding Machine & Workpiece Kits - Deliver More Power!

The cheap OEM ground cable and work clamp that came on your welding machine is limiting your welding machines performance. 

Why? One ground clamp doesn't work well for every welding job, so we created the Arc-Zone ProLevel welding machine and workpiece ground kits.

Power Source Ground Cables
20' (6.09m) Super high-performance welding power source ground cable. Built with Ultraflex cable, and male welding machine to female connector ready to plug in your favorite Shorty™ Ground Whip kit!

Shorty Ground Whip Kits™
Short 5' (1.5m) long Ground Whip kits!
Eleminate arc outs and poor workpiece grounds with our Short 5' (1.5m) long ground whips that let you quickly switch from one workpiece clamp type & size based on the job at hand. Ground your work piece Like-A-Pro™

Shorty™ Ground Whips are built with the finest made in U.S.A Lenco clamps and Ultraflex cable material expertly crafted and assembled by the welding experts at Arc-Zone!  More Power to Ya!

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