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WeldHugger™ Purge Kits

Modular Purging Solutions For TIG & PAW Welding

Weld Hugger™ shield gas purge kits are designed to provide shield gas coverage exactly where you need it for improved weld quality, promote sufficient material cooling, minimize exposure to oxygen and prevent weld contamination.

The WeldHugger modular kits ship complete with several shapes and sizes of nozzles and a mounting stanchion. This modular design allows you to tailor the gas nozzle(s) to your TIG and PAW welding applications.

Gas nozzles are precision machined from super thin materials that are sandwiched together and furnace brazed.  Each nozzle is permeated with small gas holes, with one main gas inlet that connects to the gas delivery tube supplied in the kit.  The modular design and thin shape let's you easily bend and shape the device to best fit your weld joints and material contours.

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