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Weldcraft® WP-9 Series Light-Duty, Versatile, Easy to Handle Air-Cooled TIG Torch For A Variety Of TIG Welding Applications

The Weldcraft® WP-9 Series is designed for optimal TIG torch control when welding thin gauge materials.  Rated at 125-amps, the WP-9 series works especially well for light-duty home hobby and related TIG welding applications.  If you are looking for a TIG torch that will let you get into confined areas like tube clusters, oil tanks, and do fine sheet metal repairs -- This is the torch for you!

If you have a TIG machine with a big, bulky air-cooled torch, and you want more control and versatility, but you are not ready to move up to a water-cooled unit, the WP-9 is perfect. The 9 series uses the same front-end parts as the popular WP-20 water-cooled torch, so when you upgrade, your parts will interchange saving you time and money.

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