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Gas Nozzles

Weldcraft® WP-50 Gas Nozzles With Screens For Micro TIG Welding Applications

TIG/GTAW, HeliArc, or HeliWeld gas nozzles (also called gas cups) are available in a Lava (brown clay) material.  WP-50 TIG nozzles come in two sizes depending on your TIG torch and your TIG welding application.

The gas outlet or "orifice" of a TIG nozzle is measured in 1/16” (1.6mm) increments.  For example if your gas cup is marked with a #4, that means it's a 1/4”, (6.4mm) or 4/16” in diameter. The gas nozzle orifice is located at the end of the nozzle farthest from the torch body. Orifice sizes range from; #3 = 3/16” (4.8mm) used for Micro TIG torches, to the largest, #4 = 1/4" (6.4mm)

WP-50 Gas Nozzle Material Specifications:

  • Lava (light brown ceramic) gas nozzles are made from a clay material which is machined to size then fired like pottery to give them strength.  Lava gas cups are used for high-reflective heat applications, and where a special shape nozzle is needed.  Lava nozzles can be machined to a variety of shapes and sizes without the expensive injection mold tooling involved with alumina cups.

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