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Weldcraft® WP-24W Series Collets And Collet Bodies For Every TIG Welding Application

Collets and collet bodies are designed to hold and position the tungsten electrode in the TIG torch body, and distribute the shield gas.  Generally, they are made from high-quality tellurium copper, and precision machined to fit the TIG torch, tungsten electrode and gas nozzle.  Collets and collet bodies are sized for the tungsten to be used, and should only be used in matched pairs. 

Collets and collet bodies are simple and inexpensive, however if you want to achieve improved weld-quality, lower argon consumption and a cooler running TIG torch, we strongly suggest using a gas lens collet body, (sometimes called a gas flow straightener).

WP-24W Series Collets And Collet Body Specifications:

  • Gas lens collets are required for use with gas lens collet bodies
  • Gas lens collet bodies and gas lens nozzles are listed on separate pages

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