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With the modular design of the Weldcraft WP-150 TIG Torch, you can create several different TIG Torches by installing a different torch head.

The WP-150 Torch Package from Weldcraft includes the 70 degree 9 and 17/26 style TIG Torch heads. You may also select a 24 style TIG torch head.

Depending on the style of head you choose, your WP-150 TIG Torch can accept either the nozzles, collets and collet bodies utilized on the WP-9 TIG torch, the WP-17 TIG torch or the WP-24 TIG torch.

          WP-17 TIG Torch       

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Pro Kit: 17 Series Torches

Pro Kit: 17 Series Torches

Pro Kit: 18/26/CS410 Series Torches

Pro Kit: 18/26/CS410 Series Torches
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