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WP-18SC Torches, Handles, Gaskets, Back Caps Etc.

Weldcraft® WP-18SC "SuperCool" Torch Bodies And Related Parts

The SuperCool 18 features a patented water-cooling chamber head design to provide full-flow water cooling that prevents the torches front-end parts from overheating. The heavy-duty "nose" collet body design enhances cooling capacity of the torch and eliminates collet and collet body overheating, softening and twisting, especially when welding heavy aluminum alloy with AC current. Optional gas lens are available to improve gas coverage for the most demanding jobs. The Super Cool 18 uses tungsten electrodes in sizes up-to- 3/16" (4.8mm) for high amp continuous AC TIG welding applications.

Weldcraft® WP-18SC Specifications:

  • Amperage 400 DCSP maximum, 100% duty cycle
  • Water-cooled body 70º head angle, mechanical type hose connections
  • Electrode capacity .040" (1.0mm) -to- 3/16" (4.8mm)
  • Torch body weight 7oz. (226g)
  • Torch length 7" (177.8mm)
  • Handle diameter 1-1/16" (41.2mm)
  • Water flow 1qt./min. (0.946 L/min.)
  • Maximum pressure 50 psi (3.448 BAR)

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