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W-500A (27A), W-500B (27B), W-900 (27BHD) Automation Torches

Automation Series TIG Torches Designed for Mechanized Welding Applications

W-500A (WP-27A), W-500B (WP-27B), W-900 (WP-27BHD) automation torches feature front or back tungsten loading and tightening which allows the electrode to be lowered or raised within the torch for simple and quick tungsten changeover and positioning.  The large diameter gas lens collet body insures consistent gas coverage for the most demanding welding jobs. Torch packages are outfitted with heavy-duty lead sets in lengths from 3' (0.9m), 12-½’ (3.8m) and 25' (7.6m).

Custom torch body, cable set lengths etc. are available please contact Arc-Zone Customer Care for more info.

W-500A, W-500B & W-900 Specifications:

Rated Output: W-500A & B DC: 500 A, AC: 350 A, 100% Duty Cycle
Rated Output: W-900 DC: 900 A, AC: 630 A, 100% Duty Cycle


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