W-500 (WP-18P) Torch Packages

W-500 Pencil Torch Packages for Mechanized TIG Welding Applications

The WP-18P is designed to meet the demands of continuous mechanized TIG welding jobs.  The WP-18P pencil torch is available with a pinion type 27 or 32 pitch gear rack to fit nearly any fixture configuration. The front end parts are standard "18" or "2" series and are engineered to work together, minimizing downtime.

WP-18P Specifications:

Rated Output DC: 500 A, AC: 350 A, 100% Duty Cycle
Tungsten Electrode Capacity .020" (0.5mm) - 5/32" (4.0mm)
Torch Length with Barrel 13" (330mm) Accepts 7" (175mm) Electrodes
Mounting Barrel Diameter 1-3/8" (34.9mm)
Water Flow 1 qt./min. (0.946 L/min.)
Maximum Pressure 50 psi (3.448 bar)

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