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Vortex™ TIG Nozzle

Vortex™ TIG Nozzle For Improved TIG Welds

Vortex™ TIG Nozzles deliver consistent shield gas coverage for a variety of TIG welding applications, including difficult out-of-position TIG welds like tube clusters and contours that are difficult to follow.

With the Vortex™ nozzle your torch angle is not as critical, so you get improved gas coverage, and you spend less time and effort trying to “position” your TIG torch and gas nozzle to follow the weld joint. Vortex™ nozzles are a low-cost alternative to extra large gas lens collet bodies, trail cups and other purge welding devices.

Vortex™ Nozzles fit all popular TIG torches, choose the nozzle alone or one of our popular Pro Kits listed below.

Vortex™ Nozzle Pro Kits:
For WP-9, 20, CS310 and CK 2 Series. You get all the torch parts you need, including a variety pack of ArcTime™ Hybrid, Super High-Performance Non-Radioactive Rare Earth Tungsten Electrodes.  All parts come in a convenient, high-quality kit box with lid card for easy ordering.

Note: If you have a WP-17, 18, 26, CS300, CS410 or CK 3 Series TIG torch you will need the Vortex™ "stubby" gas lens  Conversion Kit. Part #AK-VTNK-1726-Pro

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