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Short Universal Bolt For Siegmund System 16 Tables

Short Universal Bolt For Siegmund System 16 Tables


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Bolzen Produktanwendung - 280510 Schnellspannbolzen

SHT-S2- 160532

Universal Bolt, Short (16 system)

Universal Clamping Bolt - Use the Universal Clamping Bolts to connect accessories of different material thicknesses.

Item Number Name Length (mm) Dia. (mm) Shearing Force (kN) Tightening Torque (Nm) TensileForce (kN) note Weight (lb)
SHT-S2- 160532 Universal Bolt, short 59 16 50 10 10 For clamping 2 components 22-28 mm clamping range 0.24
SHT-S2-160533 Universal Bolt, Long 71 16 50 10 10 For clamping 3 components 34-40 mm clamping range 0.26

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