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Turbo 4 Grind 2-stage tapers .040" - 1/8" (1.0 - 3.2mm)

Light-Duty, Compact & Safe Tungsten Electrode Sharpener

If your the kind of person that likes to have total control of your welding process, then this machine is for you!  The Turbo 4 allows you grind Standard Taper, or grind a Stepped or Conical Taper. Conical or stepped tapers result in longer tip life, deliver better weld quality and lower welding costs. Simply "dial in" your preferred grind angle using the angle pointer / degree scale assembly to achieve consistent grinds every time.

Precision grind tungsten diameters .040", 1/16", 3/32" and 1/8" (1.0mm), (1.6mm), (2.4mm) and (3.2mm). No more guess work, the Turbo 4 is precise, quite and easy to use. 

Advanced: Grind standard included angles (taper), or grind a 2-stage conical taper for extended Tip Life.
Safe:  Enclosed wheel protects operators from spinning wheel, and reduces grinding dust and debris.  
Precise: Grind tapers from 5° - 60° degrees. Electrode set-back gauge allows you to set the exact tungsten depth, ideal for Micro-TIG and orbital welding electrode grinding.
Versatile:  Short collet grinds electrodes as short as 1/2" (13mm), and diameters up to 1/8" (3.2mm) (sold separately).
Portable: Semi-portable design ideal for precision grinding and cutting electrodes in-the-shop or on-the-job site.
Low-Cost of Operation: High-quality machine made in Japan, and engineered for trouble-free operation. Replacement wheels are less expensive than comparable machines, making the Turbo-4 an economical choice.

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