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Tungsten Pin Vices & Grinding Wands

Improve Hand Tungsten Electrode Grinding Quality & Safety

Use our tungsten electrode grinding pin vices and  grinding wands in the field or weld shop to grind electrodes with a wheel grinder, belt sander or dedicated precision tungsten electrode grinder.

Safer!  Protects your hands and fingers from heat generated by grinding.  No more sharp pieces of tungsten being grabbed by the grinding wheel, and shooting it back at the operator.

Durable: Made of stainless steel, with a knurled collet sleeve for strong electrode gripping power.
Convenient: Removable back-end cap safely stores replacement collets and spare electrodes.
Compact:  Wands fit neatly into work belts, toolboxes or you pocket.
Safe: Protect your hands.
Versatile: Grind electrodes in the shop or the field with a variety of different machines.

Learn More: 
Tungsten Grinder Selector Guide (pdf)
Grinding Tungsten Electrodes (pdf)
Grinding Tungsten Electrodes with Diamond Wheels (pdf)

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