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Tungsten Grinder Parts & Accessories

Tungsten Electrode Grinder Replacement Parts & Accessories

For your convenience we supply the largest, most complete selection of repair and maintenance parts and accessories for all popular tungsten grinder brands and models. 

Sharpie™, Turbo Ace, Super Turbo, Turbo-4, Radnor, Weldmark®, OKI, Best Welds, Abicor Binzel®, Diamond Ground Products Piranha II, Piranha III & DGP, Neutra, Neutrix, Ultima TIG & Black Gold, Orbitalum Weldcraft® , Georg Fisher +GF+ ESG Plus, Pro-Fusion Sharp Shooter, TechSouth PowerPoint, Intercon TIG 10/175, CK Worldwide® TurboSharp X & more.

INO-444 91 120
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OCW-790 052 490
Starting at:  $436.00
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