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Tungsten Electrodes

Premium Tungsten Electrodes for TIG & Plasma Arc Welding

Based on our decades of experience in the welding industry, Arc-Zone assembled the best tungsten electrode products from the world's leading brands, ArcTime™, Amplify™, CK Worldwide®, Diamond Ground Products®, Huntingdon Fusion, Weldcraft® & Wolfram®.  Ultra high-quality tungsten welding electrodes that deliver crisp, snappy arc starts with high current density for improved tip life & weld puddle control. 

  • Quality Materials Manufactured to ANSI / AWS A5.12, DIN EN 26848 & ISO 6848 standards
  • Split - Free / Annealed / Precision Ground Finish
  •  Visual & Eddy Current Tested

Traditional Blends:

  • 2% Thoriated (Red Tip™)
  • 1.5% Lanthanated (Gold Tip™)
  • 2% Lanthanated (Dark Blue Tip™)
  • 2% Ceriated (Grey Tip™ (formerly orange)
  • Zirconiated (Brown Tip™)
  • Pure Tungsten (Green Tip™)

Hybrid Blends:

  • ArcTime™ (Sky Blue Tip™)
  • Tri-Mix™ WS2 (Cream Tip™)
  • Tri-Mix™ (Turquoise)
  • Wolfram Alustar

Cryo Treated Material:

  • Iced-T, 2% Thoriated (Pink Tip™)
  • Cryo-T, 2% Thoriated (Pink Tip™)

Organize & Protect Your Tungsten Electrodes: Tungsten Storage Solution 

Pre-Ground & Re-Ground Tungsten Electrode Services 

Use the Quote Request Button Below to submit your Pre-Ground Tungsten Requirements & we will follow up promptly with a quote. Arc-Zone fabricates & delivers high-quality CNC precision diamond ground electrode services for critical manufacturing applications. 

Pre-Ground Electrode Quote

Learn More About Tungsten Here:

Selecting Tungsten Electrodes (pdf)

Grinding Tungsten Electrodes (pdf)

Safety Data Sheet (pdf)

What Makes a Quality Tungsten Electrode?

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