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Tri-Mix™ - WS2 Non Radioactive - Cream Tip™

Tri-Mix™ Non-Radioactive Replacement for Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes

Looking for a non-radioactive tungsten electrode material with similar performance as 2% Thoriated tungsten? Look no further.  Diamond Ground Products developed a replacement for two percent Thoriated (red tip) tungsten electrodes. 

Tri-Mix™ incorporates three proprietary oxides that are scientifically balanced to promote electron migration and minimize evaporation rates that result in extended tungsten life. Tri-Mix™ (color code Cream) offers stability and consistency not seen in other tungsten welding electrodes. Results include, increased weld quality and dramatic increases in service life. Manufactured in Germany by Wolfram Industries to ANSI / AWS A5.12, DIN EN 26848, ISO 6848 standards.

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