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Weldcraft TIG Torches & Accessories

Premium Quality Air & Water-cooled TIG Products for Every Application

TIG torches are hand tools each torch model is designed for specific welding jobs.  Air-cooled or (gas-cooled) torches are simple and low cost, when used for long continuous welds, they get hot, and require time to cool down between welds.  Air-cooled torches are bigger and bulkier than water-cooled and limited to 200 amps.  Water-cooled torches are used for continuous welds, and do not get hot.  They are light, compact, easy to handle and rated up to 500 amps. Water-cooled torches require a water-supply or recirculating water-cooler.

PRO TIP:  If you have a 300 amp TIG machine, you don't need a 300 amp torch.  The majority of TIG welding jobs are less than 200 amps. The most popular torches are the 17 / A-150 series 150 amp air-cooled and the 20 / W-250 250 amp water-cooled.

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