Semi-Automatic TIG Cold Wire Feeder and Accessories

Improve Your TIG/GTAW Welding Productivity and Quality, Eliminate Material Waste, and Reduce Costs with a PRO II Cold Wire Feeder.

A semi-automatic cold wire-feed machine is a productivity-enhancing tool that's built to improve TIG weld quality and efficiency, lower costs and allow for quick and consistent filler metal verification.

Increase TIG welding productivity by eliminating time-consuming arc stops-and-starts common with cut-length-rod.

Save 20-40% on filler metal costs because spooled-wire is less expensive than individual cut-length rod, and the unused rod end waste is eliminated!

Reduce process variables with continuous spooled-wire which provides quick and consistent filler metal verification eliminating the potential weld quality problems associated with unidentified welding alloys.

Three machines to choose form: Based on your TIG welding application and budget we have a machine that can be outfitted to optimize your application.



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PRO II TIG Cold Wire Feed Machine

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PRO II TIG Cold Wire Feed Machine

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