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TIG Torch Packages & Torch Bodies w/Handles

The World's Largest Selection & Best Brands

CK Worldwide®
Recognized around the world as an innovator, and leader in the industry. For over 50 years, CK Worldwide has produced high quality TIG torches and accessories.

Weldcraft® by Miller®
High quality TIG welding products, and standard equipment on all Miller® TIG welding machines.

Meet the Made by Arc-Zone® family

JW Signature Series™
Arc-Zone founder Jim Watson's State-of-the-Art line of welding products engineered to deliver superior quality welds with no moisture or atmosphere contamination. JW Signature Series™ the ultimate weapon for precision TIG and PAW welding. 

Arc-Zone® Pro Series™
Arc-Zone Pro Series™ complete torch kits built with best-of-breed products.  We put it all together to deliver consistent weld qulaity and value!

UltraTIG TrimLine™ Air Cooled, 200Amp
Starting at:   $344.77
0 of 5 Stars!

Extra Long Neck Rigid Head, Water-Cooled 250Amp
Starting at:   $173.92
0 of 5 Stars!

WP-125 Micro Torch, Water-Cooled 125Amp
W-125 (WP-125)
Starting at:   $195.69
0 of 5 Stars!

WP-24W Low Profile Rigid Head, Water-Cooled 180Amp
W-180 (WP-24W)
Starting at:   $88.11
0 of 5 Stars!

WP-225 Modular Flex Head, Water-Cooled 250Amp
W-225M (WP-225)
Starting at:   $207.60
0 of 5 Stars!

WP-20P Pencil Torch, Water-Cooled 225Amp
W-225P (WP-20P)
Starting at:   $156.27
0 of 5 Stars!

WP-20 Rigid Head Water-Cooled, 250Amp w/Rubber Cables
W-250 (WP-20)
Starting at:   $82.72
5 of 5 Stars! (1)

WP-22A Machine Torch Water-Cooled, 250Amp - 7" (177.8mm)
W-250 Automation (WP-22A)
Starting at:   $306.62
0 of 5 Stars!

CS-310 Crafter Series™ 310 Amp, Water-Cooled
W-310 (CS310)
Starting at:   $118.36
4.5 of 5 Stars! (4)

WP-18 350 Amp Water-Cooled w/Vinyl Cables
W-350 (WP-18)
Starting at:   $117.25
0 of 5 Stars!

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