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TIG Torch Packages & Torch Bodies w/Handles

Choose Complete Torch Package, Individual Torch Body, or Torch Body with Handle from These Leading Brands

CK Worldwide®
CK was founded by Art Kleppan & Dick Conley to service the aerospace industry in the Pacific Northwest.  The CK Worldwide brand is recognized around the world as an innovator, and leader in the industry since the mid 1960’s. For over 50 years, CK Worldwide has produced the highest quality TIG torches and accessories. CK Worldwide is THE STANDARD IN TIG WELDING.

Weldcraft® by Miller®
Weldcraft® Products was founded by craftsman Richard B. Rehrig in Burbank CA to service the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® facility and booming local aircraft component manufacturing shops.  Arc-Zone founder Jim Watson Jr. held leadership roles at Weldcraft as Director of Manufacturing, Regional Sales Manager & Product Manager where he worked with a dedicated team to design and patent innovative new TIG welding products prior to Weldcraft® merging with Miller Electric®.  Weldcraft TIG torches are highly engineered for performance and value, and are standard equipment on all Miller® TIG welding machines.

Arc-Zone® Pro Series™
In a world of generic copy cat products the Arc-Zone Pro Series™ TIG packages are built in house by Arc-Zone's industry experts with one goal; to be the best TIG welding torch in the world! 

Pro Series™ kits are the ultimate weapon for precision TIG welding.  Built with best-of-breed components to deliver unparalleled weld quality, consistency and value.  Each torch kit is built with the finest TIG torch body & high-performance power leads, combined with Arc-Zone's premium cable cover, Monster cup™ and ArcTime™ hybrid pre-ground tungsten electrode.  Put it all together, and you have a TIG kit that is ready to help you Weld Like-a-Pro!

Weld Like A Pro Tip™
How to Hook Up Your Air-Cooled TIG Torch (.pdf)
How to Hook Up Your Water-Cooled TIG Torch (.pdf)
Maximizing Water-Cooled TIG Performance (.pdf)
Why Upgrade to a Water-Cooled TIG Torch (.pdf)

Popular Torch Size Comparison:
9 / 20 (2 Series) & 17 / 18 / 26 (3 Series) Torch Comparison(pdf)


SuperCool™ Heavy-duty, 400Amp
W-400 (WP-18SC)
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Modular Flex Head, 250Amp
W-225M (WP-225)
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Pencil Torch, 225Amp 2 Series
W-225P (WP-20P)
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