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TIG Torch Packages & Torch Bodies w/Handles

The World's Largest Selection & Best Brands

CK Worldwide®
CK was founded by Art Kleppan & Dick Conley to service the aerospace industry in the Pacific Northwest.  The CK Worldwide brand is recognized around the world as an innovator, and leader in the industry since the mid 1960’s. For over 50 years, CK Worldwide has produced high quality TIG torches and accessories.

Weldcraft® by Miller®
Weldcraft Products was founded by craftsman Richard B. Rehrig in Burbank CA to service Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® and local aircraft manufacturing companies. Now branded Weldcraft® by Miller® they are known for building the highest quality TIG welding products, and are standard equipment on all Miller® TIG welding machines.  Arc-Zone founder Jim Watson cut his teeth in the welding industry as Director of Manufacturing & Product Manager for Weldcraft®, Bernard® and PlazCraft® brands.

Meet the Made by Arc-Zone® family

JW Signature Series™
Arc-Zone founder Jim Watson's State-of-the-Art line of welding products. For nearly 40 years Jim has been leading the pursuit of innovation, quality & performance.  JW Signature Series products are engineered to deliver superior quality welds with no moisture or atmosphere contamination. JW Signature Series™ the ultimate weapon for precision TIG and PAW welding. 

Arc-Zone® Pro Series™
Arc-Zone Pro Series™ complete torch kits built with best-of-breed TIG torch, high-performance power cables, protective cable cover, Monster Cup™ and ArcTime™ Hybrid pre-ground tungsten electrode.  We put it all together to deliver consistent weld qulaity and value!

Flex Head 3 Series, 150Amp SuperFlex Cable
CK-150 FX
Starting at:   $51.85
5 of 5 Stars! (8)

Flex Head, 2 Series 130Amp SuperFlex Cable
CK-130 FX
Starting at:   $55.17
4.8 of 5 Stars! (5)

Flex Head 3 Series, 150Amp 2-Piece Cable
CK-150 FX
Starting at:   $58.89
5 of 5 Stars! (2)

WP-17 Rigid Head Air-Cooled, 150Amp 2-Piece Cable
A-150 (WP-17)
Starting at:   $66.90
0 of 5 Stars!

Flex Head 2 Series, 130Amp 2-Piece Cable
CK-130 RG
Starting at:   $62.67
0 of 5 Stars!

Rigid Head 2 Series Water-Cooled, 300Amp
CK-230 RG
Starting at:   $64.27
5 of 5 Stars! (1)

Flex Head 3 Series 200Amp, SuperFlex Cable
CK-210 FX
Starting at:   $66.20
5 of 5 Stars! (4)

WP-26 Rigid Head Air-Cooled, 200Amp 2-Piece Cable
A-200 (WP-26)
Starting at:   $70.25
0 of 5 Stars!

WP-26 Rigid Head, Air-Cooled, 200Amp Rubber Cable
A-200 (WP-26)
Starting at:   $70.25
0 of 5 Stars!

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