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Air & Water-Cooled TIG Extension Kits

Safe And Fully Insulated Air And Water-Cooled TIG Torch Power Cable Extension Kits

Now you can quickly, safely and cost effectively connect or extend your air-cooled TIG torches with a safe, rugged and fully-insulted quick-change power and gas connector for air-cooled TIG torches.  Our new TTC connector kit is designed for dual process TIG/GTAW to Stick/SMAW welding applications, or anywhere that you need to extend a short TIG torch connection.  Forget the old and unsafe practice of clamping your Stick electrode stinger to a live and un-insulated brass power cable adapter block.  Those connectors belong on your old school welding machines in the shop -- not on the job site.

Want to extend your water-cooled TIG torches to reach those tough jobs?  No problem Arc-Zone has put together a complete 25' (7.6m) water-cooled TIG torch extension kit that is quick and easy to install.  Next time your dockside and need to access that tuna tower, or railing -- no problem, with our water-cooled TIG extension kits you can take your 25' torch and quickly and simply extend it to 50' (15.2m)!  And, if you want an even cleaner setup, Arc-Zone would be happy to build you a custom 50' cable set. . .

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