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TIG Power Cables, Water & Gas Hoses

Highest-Quality Air & Water-Cooled Power Cables, Gas & Water Hoses for Every Application 

More Power to YA!  Power cables and hoses for TIG welding are critical to TIG torch performance.  They need to transfer all the power your welding machine was designed to deliver-- snappy arc starts, and high current density.  Best-of-breed materials is what makes the difference-- extra-flexible rope-lay stranded copper cable, precision machined current nipples that are professionally crimped, durable, high-quality non-conductive vinyl and superflex rubber hose materials - sure, they cost more, but you get what you pay for!

Vinyl vs. Rubber -- Which is Better?

The choice is based on your welding application and budget!  Superflex rubber material is durable and more flexible in cold weather.  Vinyl material is lower cost and is good for general purpose jobs.  Regardless of hose material, a Cable Cover is strongly recommended.

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