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Strong Hand Tools Featured Products

Work Smarter. Not Harder. The Right Tools Make All the Difference.

Back in the day... if you wanted a special tool, you had to fab it yourself. The Team at Strong Hand Tools is constantly pushing the envelop and launching time-saving tools at affordable prices.

We've identified some of our Favorites, along with some General Purpose Tools you'll want in your shop.

Starting at:  $271.00
5 of 5 Stars! (1)
SHT-UDN5150, SHT-UEN5200
Starting at:  $22.09
4.78 of 5 Stars! (9)

0 of 5 Stars!
Starting at:  $15.50
5 of 5 Stars! (2)
Starting at:  $33.50
4.86 of 5 Stars! (7)

Starting at:  $29.50
5 of 5 Stars! (2)

0 of 5 Stars!

SHT-MGH4510, MGK53
Starting at:  $18.50
5 of 5 Stars! (8)
Starting at:  $26.00
5 of 5 Stars! (4)

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