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Lifting Bracket for Siegmund System 28 Tables

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Lifting Bracket (Select Style From Drop Down Menu Above)

The Lifting Bracket has a load bearing capacity of 1,800 kg or 2,200 kg, depending on the style selected, and is used for transport of tables and other heavy components safely and easily.  It is fastened quickly using 4 clamping bolts (SHT-S2-280510). Lateral forces should be avoided on the lifting bracket eye nut of SHT-S2-000830 as this will decrease its load capacity; whereas, the safety hoist ring of SHT-S2-000835-V maintains a consistent load bearing capacity even with lateral force components as long as its swivel and pivot motions are not impeded by other objects.

With all lifting brackets, users must observe general rules and regulations for material handling safety.  Users must ensure Eye Nut or Hoist Rings are fully threaded and sit flat on the bearing surface. Users must ensure clamping bolts are fully seated onto the lifting bracket so that bolts can achieve full clamping capacity.  Objects should not be lifted further than 100 mm off the ground and personnel are not allowed under objects being lifted or moved.

Part Number Name Length Width Height Weight
SHT-S2-000830 1,800kg (3,960lbs.)
Bracket W/ Eye Nut
SHT-S2-000835-V 2,200kg (4,850lbs.)
Bracket W/ Safety Hoist Ring


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