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Scorpion 8600 Heavy Duty Hand Cutting Torches

Scorpion by Flame Tech™ - 8600 Heavy Duty Hand Cutting Torches - Up to 44" (1.1m) of Cutting

Safer, Lighter, & Stronger, these torches are designed for the most rugged environments.

• For Alternative Fuel Gases Only - Not For Use With Acetylene
• Available in 70, 90 & 180 Degree Head Designs
• Single leaver actuated torch control
• Uses common “C” size oxygen supply and “B” size fuel supply to minimize the hose and regulator requirements
• Solid Forged Bronze Head
• Safer Nozzle Mixing Torch Design--No mixing of gases in the gas tubes or head
• Three Light Weight Stainless Tubes in Triangular Format--Up to 1/4 lb. lighter per foot, with reinforcing every 8"
• Available in a Wide Range of Lengths, or Custom Lengths Made To Order



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