Rod Guard® w/ Rod ID™ Cap & Divider 36" (0.9m)

Rod Guard® w/ Rod ID™ Cap & Divider 36\" (0.9m)

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Rod Guard® w/ Rod ID™ Cap & Divider 36\" (0.9m)
Rod Guard® w/ Rod ID™ Cap & Divider 36\" (0.9m)
Rod Guard® w/ Rod ID™ Cap & Divider 36\" (0.9m)
Rod Guard® w/ Rod ID™ Cap & Divider 36\" (0.9m)
Rod Guard® w/ Rod ID™ Cap & Divider 36\" (0.9m)
Rod Guard® w/ Rod ID™ Cap & Divider 36\" (0.9m)
Rod Guard® w/ Rod ID™ Cap & Divider 36\" (0.9m)
Rod Guard® w/ Rod ID™ Cap & Divider 36\" (0.9m)
Rod Guard® w/ Rod ID™ Cap & Divider 36\" (0.9m)
Rod Guard® w/ Rod ID™ Cap & Divider 36\" (0.9m)

Pro Series TIG Rod Container (Select Color From the Drop Down Menu Above)

Pro Series Rod Guard® TIG Rod Containers include the patent pending Rod ID™ Cap with Identification sticker, making it easy to identifying the material type, size and service date.  Plus, you get a removable Rod Divider™ separating the rod guard into 3 sections, allowing for multiple material types or sizes to be conveniently stored/organized.  

Rod Guard® Canisters & Accessories provide great storage and inventory control for all your filler metals, and every one of them is Made in America and built to last.  Specifically designed for 36" (0.9m) flux-coated bronze or brazing rod and TIG filler-metals, these rugged containers are the perfect storage solution for all of your TIG rod. These containers have a 0.100" (2.54mm) nominal wall thickness for added strength and durability, and they can fit 10 lbs (4.5kg) of cut-length welding wire. When the long cap is removed, rod tips are exposed - allowing easy accessibility to canister's contents.  

Each Rod Guard® Canister is certified chloride-free and features a threaded cap with long-lasting neoprene seal to keep electrodes airtight - preventing them from being contaminated with atmospheric moisture.  Because Rod Guard® Canisters are constructed of high-impact polyethylene - which protect electrodes from damage - they can be reused for many years.   
-- Rod ID™ caps, dividers & labels are patent-pending -- 
Pro Series Rod Guard Canisters Include:
  • High Quality TIG Rod Canister
  • Rod ID Cap with Markable ID Sticker Installed
  • Removable 3-Partition Divider

Available in a variety of colors:

Part Number Color
A-RGD36OR-PRO Orange
A-RGD36YL-PRO Yellow
A-RGD36DB-PRO Dark Blue
A-RGD36PL-PRO Purple

Keep your shop organized with a Rod Guard Storage Rack: A-RGD36-SR3.

-- Rod ID Caps & Dividers are Copyright © Inc. All Rights Reserved --

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Rod Guard® w/ Rod ID™ Cap & Divider 36" (0.9m)

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4.5 out of 5 stars

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5 of 5 Stars!
Excellent products, good quality, practical and super strong

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5 of 5 Stars!
I like this product just wish it had a second divider deeper in the tube for shorter pieces.

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5 of 5 Stars!
these are great, I marked on my caps all the specs of tig rod, nice

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2 of 5 Stars!
I wasn't happy to see that the dividers were 3D printed. I could have easily drawn and printed my own.
Jonathan, Thanks for your comment.
Yes those are high-quality 3-D printed parts! As a company we've made a significant investment in a variety of additive manufacturing machines to speed development of speciality, low-volume products that solve problems for our customers. Not sure what you were expecting, or what your time is worth, but those are quality parts, at a fair price.

Good welding!

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5 of 5 Stars!
Yes! Finally! a way to get more use out of a rod guard!

If you buy filler a pound at a time and stock multiple sizes of the same filler you can now cut down on rod guards and space with these dividers!

Also comes with multiple label stickers Incase you change filler you can easily relabel them.

Great innovative idea!

Check out videos and pics of this product in use on my Instagram @Mishler_made_fab

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