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Triple Rod Divider™ for TIG Wire/STICK Rod Containers


Starting at: $4.00

These are a good quality divider that will work very well with the matching Rodguard tubes.

These are 3D printed to a good standard of functional quality, but are not finished beyond the printer, so there are layer lines, filament threads, and other reasonable artifacts.

If you're buying these to use with thinwall PVC tubing to make your own holders, be aware they will need significant modification, which will make them more fragile.

Collar OD - 1.955"
Collar Ht. - 0.120"
Sleeve OD - 1.815-1.828"
Sleeve ID - 1.700"

Despite machining away all of the sleeve and some of the collar, the dividers are still rigid and reasonably strong. I would recommend them for modification if you have the lathe to do it, of course at the risk of ruining them entirely.... :-)
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