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Pyrex & Quartz Flooding, Gas Saver & Micro TIG Cups

Large selection of quality Quartz & Pyrex glass TIG welding nozzles.  Choose from Edge Welding Products large diameter flooding and long cups for all popular TIG torches & CK Worldwide® Gas Saver products  Need Micro TIG cups?  We stock the CK-MR70 & CK-MR140 & Weldcraft/Miller MT-125 / W-125 TIG cups in a variety of shapes and sizes.

What's the Difference in Pyrex & Quartz?
Pyrex nozzles are lower cost & have limited heat resistance.  They are suitable for a wide variety of welding jobs and amperages.
Quartz nozzles are extremely temperature resistant & about twice the price of Pyrex.  They are use for micro TIG jobs were extreme reflective heat may melt a Pyrex cup.

Which Torch Model Do You Have:
The 9, 20, 2 Series or the 17, 18, 3 Series? (pdf)