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High Purity & Purge Gas Hoses & Accessories

Save 30% On Shield Gas & Eliminate Atmosphere Contamination

Gas Supply Hoses
High-quality gas supply hoses and complete hose kits.  Perfect for hooking up a welding machine in the shop, or in the filed.  Gas Hose Kits include everything needed to purge like a pro and save you time and money.

Secondary Purge Gas Hose Kits
Purge your header builds and exotic material projects Like a Pro™ with high-purity gas supply hoses and complete secondary purge hose kits.  Kits include everything needed to purge like a pro and save you time and money.

Purge Gas Hose Accessories
Change hoses in a snap and Save Gas doing it!  Our ZeroLoss™ Single and Double shut off quick-disconnect couplers eliminate gas loss and stop hoses from back filling with atmosphere contamination, moisture as standard rubber hoses are proven to do.

  • Double and Single Shut-Off Quick-Disconnect couplers stop Gas Flow when Unplugged Saving You Money on Shield Gas!
  • Kits include gas hose nipples, QD couplers, hose adapters and fittings so you can custom tailor your purge hose for the job at hand. 
  • Highest Quality Hose Material Precision Assembled by TIG welding experts.
  • JW Signature Series high purity kits use the finest non permeable hose and are built to exacting specifications.
  • Everything you need to Purge like a Pro with a dedicated purge hose for trail shields, purge plugs, manifolds, chill blocks etc.

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