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Purge Baffle Kits, By Tube/Pipe Size & Schedule

Select The Kit(s) That Match Your Tube & Pipe Job

Get the highest-quality welds with our ready-to-weld, time-saving purge gas baffle kits.  Simply choose the kit for your pipe or tube size and schedule, assemble the kit, and pull into place with the provided 30' (9.1m) stainless steel pull cable (multiple cables can be linked together to create a longer cable as needed). 

Purge baffle kits quickly purge the area immediately surrounding the weld, displacing atmosphere with purge gas for high-purity, x-ray quality welds!

Our Modular Purge Baffle Kits ship complete and are ready to use with all hardware needed for the selected pipe / tube diameter and schedule.  For your convenience, we offer all replacement parts, so you get just what you need to upgrade any kit to different pipe / tube diameters and schedules. 

Purge Baffles for High-Purity Tube & Pipe Welding

Durable tube and pipe baffle systems are designed for quick, cost effective purging of popular pipe and tube diameters and schedules. They're engineered to reduce time spent purging a run of pipe, and greatly decrease labor costs, and save you money on expensive argon shield gas. Most importantly, purge baffles are proven to improve tube and pipe weld quality.

Based on your application, choose between our heavy-duty, dedicated Purge Baffles designed for a single pipe diameter, or choose a versatile Modular Baffle System which includes a variety of interchangeable parts that can be customized to handle all of the pipe diameters and schedules that come your way.

Baffle System Assembly Guide (pdf)

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