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TIG Accessory Kits

Arc-Zone Pro Accessory Kits

Arc-Zone Pro Kits let you dial-in your torch for the job at hand, improving your weld quality, and maximizing your welding machines performance.  Generic TIG torch parts will get you started welding, but if you want to weld aluminum, stainless steel, high-carbon steel, titanium and other exotic alloys, like the pro's do, you'll need an Arc-Zone Pro Kit.

Say goodbye to "generic import parts" and say hello to state-of-the-art parts in a convenient kit box with individual part cells and re-order information making it simple to find, use and re-order the parts that work for you! 

Stubby & LowRider™ Kits: 
No need to buy a smaller torch for those hard to reach jobs.  Our exclusive Low-Profile™ parts are designed to shrink your torch head size, in some cases by as much a 50% smaller!

Monster Nozzle™ Kits
Step up your TIG/GTAW welding game with Monster™ flooding cups.  Designed to deliver a coherent stream of shielding gas so you can stick your electrode way out for greater access, better visibility, and get the gas coverage you need for consistent, high-quality welds on carbon steel, stainless and exotic alloys.

Gas Saver™ Pyrex Kits
Pyrex Gas Saver nozzles provide excellent visibility of the weld puddle and tungsten electrode. Gas Saver parts are designed to be light on the torch head, and can save up to 40% on shielding gas usage compared to standard cups.

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