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Purge Gas Solutions

Back Purge & Mix Shield Gases Like A Pro

Remember the time you wanted to back purge that Titanium exhaust system -- or mix Helium with your Argon to get more heat into that thick section aluminum part?  Arc-Zone makes it easy for you to step up your TIG gas mixing game without blowing up your wallet!

Cost-Effective Gas Mixing Kits:
Easily mix gases like Argon and Helium.  Adding helium will give you a much hotter arc than pure argon, without the hassle and expense of premixed 75/25 (75% Argon 25% Helium) bottles. Pre-mixed gasses are expensive and often the gas stratifies (separates) which causes inconsistent arc patterns and heat input.

Dual Gas Flow Meter Regulators:
Based on your application you may want a Precision Dual-Gas Flow Meter/Regulator.  Choose from our line of high-quality dual-gas flow meters, available with or without gas supply hoses.

Simple Dual Gas Splitter:
Gas Splitters let you run a primary gas hose to your  TIG torch and a second back purge hose with one gas cylinder.  You can use your Existing Flow Meter and add a another Flow Meter to get the back gas you need, without the expense of a dedicated dual-gas flow meter.