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TIG Torch Packages

Your TIG Torch was Designed in the 1970's. . . 

That's like using a dial up phone in a smart phone world.  Here are the facts, the vast majority of TIG torches sold have been reverse engineered (copied), from 1970's designs, the manufacturing has been off shored and the materials used to build them have been reduced to the lowest cost options.  That may be fine for the bottom line, but not for the demands of the welding industry today.

If you want to raise the bar in your welding department, you need to step up to a game changing Arc-Zone Pro TIG Package™

Arc-Zone® custom builds the world's finest TIG torch kits, using the latest design and manufacturing techniques, modern materials technology, and engineering practices.  We do this exclusively in our dedicated Southern California R&D facility - the birth place of the TIG welding process.  After years of development with some of the most advanced welding applications, we are thrilled to make this select range of products available to you.

Arc-Zone® Pro TIG products are recognized around the world as the pinnacle of quality and performance.  We have built, sold and serviced more quality TIG welding products than any distributor on the planet.  You can count on Arc-Zone® to get you the best TIG Torch package for your application, and the replacement parts you need, when you need them, all backed by our industry leading technical support.

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Pro™ Torch Pkg, W/12.5 One-Piece SuperFlex Cable

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Pro™ Torch Pkg, W/12.5 One-Piece SuperFlex Cable

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